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2017 Hurricane Season

Updated Outlook

National Hurricane Center

July 12, 2017- The hurricane forecasters have updated that the 2017 Hurricane Season will be above normal. El Nino is not expected to occur in the Pacific effecting hurricane development in the Atlantic and above normal warming in the Atlantic is present.

2017 Hurricane Storm Forecast Updated

There have been many improvements announced by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) for the 2017 season. Chief among them are:
  1. Storm Surge Watch/Warnings
  2. The NHC has rolled out an improved Storm Surge forecasting with better graphical input. Storm Surge is important to mariners with yachts to know if a dock or anchorage will become untenable during a storm. Sample graphic shown below.

    Hurricane Storm Surge Sample Forecast
    2017 Hurricane Storm Surge Sample Forecast

    Storm Surge Explanation Video

  3. Issuance of Watches, Warnings, and Advisories for Potential Tropical Cyclones
  4. The NHC will now issue potential storm info before storms form as tropical disturbances develop. This will give more time for people to plan and prepare for storms and hurricanes.

  5. Experimental Time of Arrival of Tropical-Storm-Force Winds Graphic
  6. The NHC will make available a better detailed graphic for the movement of storms as shown below.

    Hurricane Forecast Graphic Details
    2017 Hurricane Forecast Graphic Details

  7. Update to tropical cyclone advisory graphical products
  8. The NHC has updated their long familiar forecast graphics using better fonts and colors to make and easier to read graphic as shown in the sample below. Once again the cone size has narrowed with the additional input of past hurricane seasons. Other graphics for wind speed predictions, wind history, etc. have been updated, too.

    Hurricane Forecast Graphic Updates
    2017 Hurricane Forecast Graphic Updates

  9. Other 2017 Updates
  10. The NHC has added more Twitter accounts to narrow the info sought:
    @NWSNHC - Interactive Outreach
    @NHC_TAFB - The Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB)
    @NHCDirector - The NHC Director, Dr. Richard Knabb

You may see all the points above in much more detail in this PDF file:
NHC 2017 Forecast 2017 Hurricane Season Updates and Changes

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